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#PelliChoopulu gets a roaring applause

Among the bunch of small films that are releasing in coming days, July 29th releasing "Pelli Choopulu" trailer got a huge response already.

Living up to his challenge that he want to show the film to as many media people as he can, producer Suresh Babu yesterday screened the film for select people from a multitude of professions. Post the show, we hear that everyone has given an unanimous response to the movie, with a positive feed back. First half of the film tends to be high on comedy, while second half is superb emotional journey.

Newcomer director Tarun Bhaskar, hero Vijay Devarakonda are winning accolades for their creative work, while heroine Ritu Varma also impressed everyone a lot. Hope this roaring applause will be repeated in theatres as well.

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