Teacher accidentally sent Nude Selfie to Student

Messengers were extensively used by people across the World to communicate. This is a great medium if used properly but few individuals invite trouble with lack of presence of mind.

Recently, A Lady Professor thought of sending few hot pictures to her Boyfriend. She, however, ended up sending the photos to one of her students with the same name. After sending a pic, The Professor asked if he wants some more. Then, the naughty Student replied, 'Definitely'. After that, Professor shared a frontal nude picture along with a message that she can't wait to meet him tonight. That's when, the student revealed the truth.

Shocked with it, The Professor offered 'A' grade to the Student if he deletes the photos and doesn't reveal it to anyone. Here is the transcript of the conversation…

Professor: 'Oh Shit…please delete those pictures. If you delete them and don't tell the university, I promise to give you an A in the class. Don't even bother showing up to the final'

Student: 'Deal. One more thing...'

Professor: 'Anything...'

Student: 'Just thought I'd let you know I'm impressed by what I see ;)'.

The Student kept the secret under wraps and the Professor kept her promise by passing him with an A Grade.

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