I'm Neither Romantic nor Womanizer!

Former MLA Anam Vivekananda Reddy is unlike other Politicians. He always stayed in news either for his unusual dressing or statements. 'There is no specific reason behind my avatars. I wear the clothes as per my wish and lead the life on my own terms. That's my speciality! Usually, I prefer keeping the keys near my midriff, wears 'kirru' chappals and change the color of my hair as per my liking,' he told.

In his usual style, He commented: 'Nenu Srungarala Joliki Ponu, Singaralu Matrame Chestanu'.

Anam claims to be unaware of how many politicians in Nellore district are romantic at heart. He, however, maintains that: 'Nenu Matram Singara Purushudini. I needn't try to attack women, they themselves have voted for him in every election'.

Interestingly, Anam goes to theatre alone whenever he is in Nellore to watch films. Even his Grandsons call him as 'Viveka' and he doesn't like to take the age factor too seriously.

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