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Pukka evidences to book Bhoomana!

Tuni: TDP leader and SC Corporation Chairman Jupoodi Prabhakara Rao made a revelation. He said that in the Tuni train violence they have strong evidences about Bhoomana Karunakara Reddy's involvement in the train arson. He said that they have done a rehearsal of how to burn the train as well. He said the vocal evidence of Bhooman is there with the AP Government.

Jupoodi questioned connection of Bhoomana to Mudragada and reiterated that even God cant save Bhoomana in the case. Jupoodi said that CM Chandrababu is working with determination and that 80% of the people are very happy with his work. Jupoodi said that the opposition party could not do anything to save 21 of YCP MLAs that defected to TDP.

That said why is the government waiting when it has got strong evidence to book Bhoomana. Even people are upset with Tuni violence and will be glad to see crooks booked. Please go ahead Jupoodi!

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