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7 Yr Jail & Rs 100 cr Fine for messing with Ganga

7 Yr Jail & Rs 100 cr Fine for messing with Ganga
Until now, Crimes such as Culpable Homicide, Robbery and Causing Grievous Hurt are punishable offenses with a maximum jail term of 7 Years. Now, Messing with River Ganga is being termed as a crime equivalent to it.

A Committee appointed by Centre has drafted National River Ganga (Rejuvenation, Protection and Management) Bill 2017. If this bill gets approved, People affecting River Ganga negatively such as blocking its flow, illegal constructions and quarrying on the banks will face 7 years jail term apart from Rs 100 crore fine.

Retired Justice Giridhar Malaviya is the head of panel formed for bill on River Ganga. The panel suggested declaration of area within 1 km radius from Ganga as a water-saving zone. Final draft will be prepared after holding consultation with the states (Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jhakhand and Uttar Pradesh) through which Ganga flows. This is the first time an Act is being made on a River.

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