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Kesineni Nani fires on AP Transport Dept

Kesineni Nani fires on AP Transport Dept
Friction between Kesineni Nani & AP Transport Officials is known to one and all. The TDP MP was forced to apologize after disrespecting the Transport Commissioner in the presence of media. He even shut down his travels business following this controversy.

Kesineni Nani made some sensational allegations against the AP Transport Department. 'Corruption in Transport Department is on a huge scale. I had shut down my travels business only to avoid any bad remark on Me,' he said.

Recently, A private bus which was registered in Arunachal Pradesh and put to service illegally in Telugu States has met with an accident. Kesineni Nani alleged the illegal nexus between Transport Officials and Travel Agencies led to this situation. He complained that those travels which has been operating as per rules were incurring losses because of these irregularities. 'Arunachal Pradesh CM and Home Minister took action after receiving My Letter. But, there is hardly any response from AP Officials to the letter of an MP,' points out the Public Representative.

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