Jagan to decide where CBN should stay!

TDP Supremo Chandrababu remained in a private residence in Lingamaneni Estate, owned by Lingamaneni Ramesh, located on the banks of the Krishna River, when he was CM in the third term. Then, the government, TDP, is ideal to go to the Naidu Rented Residence for the construction of "Praja Vedika", which is supposed to hold meetings and will happen people. It was the state government that supported the expenditures of both structures.

Naidu Chandrababu commented on the congressional vote in May after the change of power of May 23, Praja Vedika. Does Jagan respond positively to the request of his predecessor?

YSR Congress Party is held in the private residence of Chandrababu Naidu in Vundavalli is an unauthorized construction. If Jagan is a user authorized to continue operating from the same location, although it is alleged to YCP all these days? The possibility of the government reacting positively to the proposal seems bleak.
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