Lack of job security ... Techies Change the lifestyle!

Until recently, the public thought that the lifestyle of professionals was the way of life of the most colorful and most preferred. This is due to the 5-digit salary shortly after graduation, the 5-day work, the weekend and what is not. Software has become more of a way of life in India because of the high-paying jobs and the party culture.

Gradually, new job opportunities are reduced and licenses are multiplied. In March 2015, a multinational company served pink sheets to 35,000 employees at a time. If an IT professional loses his job, he / she will probably end up facing a financial crisis related to the decrease of the bank balance and the burden of the EMI.

The 2007 recession has ruined the lives of many software professionals. This impact has been significantly reduced. Twelve years later, the lifestyle of millions of users in the software industry have changed dramatically. In the past, IT professionals spent money on visits, parties, and shopping. All now, one of them is concentred on the "inexpensive" recreational.

Until a few years ago, software professionals wanted to obtain credit cards from as many banks as possible. But now they are released from their credit cards and are focused on saving. Previously, technicians planed comments they should celebrate weekends on weekdays. Now the focus is on how quickly they have grown, how well they have been doing it, how they have secured their jobs and their savings.
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